Design is not just what it looks like design is how it works

Quickly generate house decoration design drawings to reduce the designer's work

Help users quickly generate clothing promotion photos and reduce shooting costs

Decoration design products.

“Through the house photos or floor plans provided by customers, we can quickly generate house decoration design drawings, reduce the work of designers, shorten communication time with customers, help users reduce pre-sales costs, and increase transaction rates.

When artificial intelligence is integrated into decoration design, home aesthetics take on a completely new look. AI decoration gives inspiration to the space, lights up the colors of life, interprets the dimension of beauty, and creates a unique residence.

Clothing design products.

“Provide users with a large number of model photo templates, and use AI models to put users' clothes on models, helping users quickly generate clothing promotional photos, reduce shooting costs, and quickly increase the product update speed of e-commerce customers.

AI leads the trend of fashion design, perfectly integrating technology and aesthetics to create stunning design masterpieces.

Our Services Includes...

Smart design

Diversified templates and liberalized parameters allow you to quickly design.Smart lighting solves lighting problems

Smart export

Complete construction drawings are available everywhere, helping designers complete the design process efficiently and quickly.

Massive templates

Thanks to the application of AI's massive templates, the rendering process is more efficient and diverse, injecting unlimited possibilities into creative design.

Excellent AI rendering

Complete complex image processing and rendering tasks incredibly quickly, saving creative designers and artists a huge amount of time.

Some cases about AI decoration.

Some cases of AI clothing design.

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